30 de noviembre de 2013

Review - The Beast of Babylon by Charlie Higson

Author: Charlie Higson
Original title: The Beast of Babylon
English title: The Beast of Babylon
Spanish title: -
Publisher/Editorial: Puffin
Genre/Género: Sci-Fi/Ciencia Ficción

Summary: The Ninth Doctor travels to Babylon chasing after a monster that could destroy the planet.

Review: The plot takes place between The Doctor leaving the Earth after Rose tells him that she can’t go with him and the beginning of the second episode. It fits the small gap at the end of the episode quite nicely. I’ve read all of the Ninth Doctor NSAs (New Series Adventures) and have to say that this captures the Doctor much better than any of them. I could really imagine him speaking and grinning.

I loved this story and the only thing that I disliked is that it was so short, which makes the whole alien threat not much of a threat because the Doctor defeats the monster in thirty pages (the story is only about 40 pages long), and makes everything feel a bit rushed.

The Doctor’s companion in this story is very interesting. She’s a girl that he meets while he’s following an alien throughout the universe and while you can guess that she’s not from Earth before it’s actually stated, readers will be surprised about a few things.


Resumen: El Noveno Doctor viaja a Babilonia persiguiendo a un monstruo que podría destruir el planeta.

Reseña: El argumento tiene lugar entre que el Doctor deja la Tierra después de que Rose le diga que no puede viajar con él y el principio del segundo episodio. Llena muy bien el huequecito que quedaba al final del episodio. He leído todas las NSAs (New Series Adventures - la colección de libros sobre la nueva serie) y esta historia es en la que el Noveno Doctor está mejor caracterizado. Me lo podía imaginar hablando y sonriendo.

Me gustó mucho esta historia y lo único que no me gustó tanto es que es muy corta, lo que hace que la gran amenaza alienígena no lo sea tanto porque el Doctor vence al monstruo en treinta páginas (la historia tiene sólo unas cuarenta) y hace que todo parezca un poco acelerado.

La compañera del Doctor es muy interesante. Es una chica con la que se encuentra mientras persigue al monstruo por el universo y mientras que se puede adivinar que ella no es terrícola antes de que quede claro, hay cosas que sorprenderán al lector.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it despite its length issues. I suspect all these short stories may be a bit that way. There are a few by authors I like (Neil Gaiman, Alex Scarrow) that I hope to read myself soon.

    1. I haven't read them all yet, but I guess that the lack of length is always an issue with short stories. I haven't read Scarrow's yet, but Gaiman's is pretty good.

  2. Me encanta ver un English/Spanish book blog. Following you on Linky (:

  3. It's good to hear that this was enjoyable! You can know with these type of books.

    1. 9 is one of my favourites, so I'm glad that this story was good.